Yahoo Groups Tutorial - Private Email Discussion Group

Getting Started

Step 1: Create a yahoo account.

Visit In the top right hand corner click the “Sign In” button. This button will lead to a
screen that allows users to register for a yahoo account. See the black arrow below for help.

Step-1 Sign In

Step 2: Sign Up!

In the bottom right of the page, click the “Sign up for a new account” link. Here is a link directly to this page
( See the black arrow below for help.

step 2

Step 3
Complete the registration page.

step 3

Step 4
Click the purple “Create Account”. See the black arrow in the screenshot below for help.

step 4

Step 5
Enter captcha code on verification page. Please see the black arrow below for help.
Note: If the text is unclear you can switch from visual code to audio code. Please see the red box below for
this option. To receive another code click the “try another code” link, see the green box below for details.

step 5

Step 6
Congratulations! Registration was successful. You will see the page below, but will shortly be redirected (automatically) to the page in step 7.

step 6

Step 7
You will be returned to the Yahoo homepage, but note that you are now signed in. See the black
arrow below for help.

step 7

Step 8
To access Yahoo Groups, use the dark purple navigation bar at the top of the screen, under your
internet browser’s web address box and click “Groups”. See the red outline below for help.

step 8

Creating a Yahoo Group

Step 9
Click the purple “Start a New Group” button. See the black arrow below for help.

step 9

Step 10
Fill out the “Create a Group” form. Note: To view a description of what each setting in yahoo groups
allows, simply select one of the options and read the text that appears directly below. Each setting allows
different options. See the green box below for help.

step 10

Step 11
After filling out the Yahoo Groups form, use the purple “next” button. See the green arrow below
for details.

step 11

Step 12
In this step you finalize the group by choosing the type of message delivery (see red box), and
entering a verification captcha, and then click the purple “accept and create” button (see green arrow for

step 12

Step 13
Welcome to the groups dashboard. From here is where you can navigate to any number of
functions including creating new groups, managing current groups, as well as inviting new members to the
group. To invite the new members, navigate to the “Management” tab (green arrow), and select “Manage
Invitations” (red arrow).

step 14

Step 14
To add new members to the group, add email addresses in the box below. You can add up to 100
email addresses at a time. See the green arrow below. After entering the emails in the text box, click the
purple “invite” button (blue arrow).

step 15