Mailing List, Distribution Group Emails are Being Rejected? -

Are you have a problem where you listserv, mailing list, or distribution group emails are being rejected? Especially when those emails are sent by people with Yahoo email addresses? Here’s the possible problem. And our solution.

The Reason Your Listserv or Distribution Group Emails are Being Rejected

On April 6, 2014, Yahoo implemented the DMARC anti-spam solution for their subscribers, which causes problems for their subscribers participating in mailing lists.

The Yahoo DMARC changes cause other ISPs to reject email from your mailing list when sent by Yahoo subscribers. These ISP’s include Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Comcast, so it’s a big problem because many of your subscribers will not get messages from Yahoo people.

Even worse, when Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Comcast reject the email, they also send back a bounce message, which can cause your subscribers at Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Comcast to be removed.

So in addition to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Comcast people not getting the message, they also run the risk of being removed from the list. Even though Yahoo is causing the problem, not Gmail, Hotmail or Comcast.

The Solution

Mail-List has made a change in our system to accommodate Yahoo subscribers and any other ISP’s that choose to adopt DMARC. It’s possible you can make this change to keep your distribution group emails from being rejected. But if you’re already using our system, don’t worry, you won’t have to do a thing.

The change is to add your mailing list address into the From header of messages from Yahoo subscribers. In addition, the first line of the body of those messages should show the Yahoo person’s name and email address to clarify who the message is from.

The mailing list will function as before. If it was set up to Reply To List, replies to Yahoo subscribers will continue to go to the list. If your list is set up to Reply To Individual, a reply will continue to go that person, while a Reply All will continue to go to the list.

We are doing three things to emails from subscribers from Yahoo and other DMARC enabled ISP’s.

  1. Putting their name and email address (with at instead of @), in the From Header.
  2. Also putting the list email address, with an @ symbol and in brackets to signify that it's the official email address
  3. Putting a line at the top of the message to clarify the sender's name and email address

Because the official address in the From header is now our domain (or your domain if you choose), the ISP’s don’t ask Yahoo what to do about the incoming email, and it is accepted and delivered to the subscriber’s inbox. And we’ve solved the problem where listserv or distribution group emails are being rejected.

Problem solved.

If your mailing list provider is not able to accommodate these changes, you can transfer your list to Mail-List in a couple of hours. If you have or can get your historical email archives in an MBOX format, we can import those into our searchable web archive feature too.

See plans and pricing. Learn More … *[DMARC]: Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformanc