Why Glossy Monthly Newsletters Are Passé

Why Glossy Monthly Newsletters Are Passé

Looking for a great way to make a simple newsletter? Now, this is just my opinion. But I really like a plain text newsletter instead of these fancy new magazine-style things, and here’s why.

That Fancy Newsletter Nobody Reads

Many small businesses send out a monthly newsletter via email. Or at least they intend to. Typically the email looks very nice, with 2 or 3 columns of text, multiple fonts, their logo and maybe the picture of the president. At least it looks good in most email readers, if and when the subscriber loads the images. The newsletter contains a handful of articles and news items.

But the problem is, nobody reads the newsletter. And it consumed a fair amount of resources to produce.

And the reason nobody reads the email is it’s not an email. It’s a web page disguised as an email.

A Personal Letter, the Plain Text Newsletter

Emails are short and to the point. In plain text, without any need for colors, fancy fonts, or pictures. And emails are usually just one train of thought, and maybe a paragraph or three.

So when people are scanning their inbox, to see what to do with all the email that has accumulated, the fancy magazine style newsletter is easy to pass over, because it is going to take more than a few seconds to process. They might have an intention of reading it later, but later never comes. Too many more emails keep pouring in.

So if you want to capture your subscriber’s attention, send them an email, a plain text newsletter, not a magazine. Keep it short and to the point. Send the news when it’s fresh, instead of waiting for a scheduled time to send something out. Just type up the news and send it to your list.

No need for fancy templates, graphic designers, or HTML email specialists to help you overcome the formatting limitations amongst the multitude of email readers.

Just you and your subscribers, heart to heart, with valuable information in short doses, that they will read and also read the next message you send out.

Because if you train them to ignore your emails, you can be sending out a ton of emails that are never read.

Even more reasons you should be using plain text email.