Why You Should be Using Plain Text Email

Why You Should be Using Plain Text Email

With plain text email only words are transmitted to the recipient, without any formatting information. Plain text can seem bare bones. But it’s really quite useful when all you want is an email and not a bunch of unnecessary photos and signatures.

Some Cons of Plain Text Email

  * There can be no pictures, graphics, colors, different sized letters, or different types of fonts in a plain text email.

Some Pros of Plain Text Email

  * Plain text allows your subscribers to control the format of the email in their email readers, using the size and font that best suits their eyesight.
  * You can put web page addresses (URLs like http://mail-list.com) in plain text messages and these links will be clickable. This allows the recipient to immediately jump to the specified web page.
  * You can also put email addresses (like mailto:info@domain.com) in plain text messages, which, when clicked, open a draft email message with the “To” line already filled in.
  * Plain text is easy to compose, easy to send, easy to receive. You don't have to waste your time trying to format an email for a zillion different incompatible email readers.
  * Your subscribers can read your email even on their cell phones or PDAs, even if they have visual disabilities or need to use a text-to-speech converter.
  * Emails with just text have never, ever contained a virus, or tracked if or when an email message was opened, or caused any security problems. This means your subscribers can trust you.
  * Plain text is much more likely to get through all the spam filters on the Internet than HTML emails. This means they are much more likely to be read by your subscribers.
  * If you do have pictures, graphics, or precisely formatted information to share, the proper procedure is to put this information on a web page, either as the web page itself or as a downloadable link.
  * Then send a plain text email to your subscribers inviting them to visit this web page. With one click of the mouse, your subscribers can immediately jump to your website. Providing this sort of link helps ensure that the attachment does not trigger spam filters.
  * All mailing lists at mail-list.com are set up to deliver plain text messages, even when a HTML message is sent. Our system will automatically convert any HTML message to plain text before delivery.

Here at mail-list.com, we are dedicated to helping people communicate via email. If you have valuable ideas and information you want to convey, emails with only text are best on today’s Internet.

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