Can Not Post A Message - youremailgroup

If you can not post a message to our youremailgroup mailing list, please follow these steps.

  1. If you are in a hurry and want a work around, send the message from this web page. Assuming you are a current subscriber.
  2. Are you a current subscriber ? As only subscribers can post a message. Please check this web page. Put both your primary and any secondary email addresses in the input area.
  3. Is there a typo in your address. The correct address is Copy and paste that address to be sure.

  4. Did your message go to everybody on the list except you? Sometimes ISP’s block email from your email address that is not sent from their servers. Check the short term web archive.
    Password = hocus-pocus
  5. Did you get an error message back ? Read the email for clues. Work with your techie to troubleshoot the problem.

    For example, this error message
      The reason the message did not go to the list is -
      X-Diagnostic: Sent from an unauthorized email address
      You sent this message From:
    Or, another common error message
      Host lookup failed ( does not match any IP address for
    If the problem is being caused by, forward
    the error message to