How to Group Your List Emails in Yahoo Mail

How to Group Your List Emails in Yahoo Mail

Do you want to keep all your listserv emails separate so you can find them easily? Do you get a lot of emails from your many email discussion lists and wish they were all sorted out automatically? Is your inbox a tangled wreck? Do you use Yahoo mail? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s how to sort email in Yahoo mail into folders by setting up filters.

First, you’ll need a new folder to put your list emails into. (If you’re sorting multiple lists, then make multiple folders or subfolders.) Hover you mouse over the word “Folder” in the left-hand menu.

create new folder in yahoo mail

Click the little folder with the + symbol.

name a folder in yahoo mail

Type in a name for your listserv folder and hit enter.

(If you want to create a subfolder instead, right-click on the folder that needs the subfolder and click “Create Subfolder.”)

Now in the upper right-hand corner of the Inbox, click “Sort by Date.”

create filter in yahoo mail

You’ll see this menu.

more settings in yahoo mail

Click “More settings…”

add filter in yahoo mail

Click “Filters.” Then click “Add.”

You’ll see this screen:

add new folder in yahoo mail

Name your filter something you’ll remember. And then in the “From” field add the email address of your listserv. In the “Then move the message to this folder” field select the name of the folder you made at the beginning of this process.

If you want to sort out certain emails from your listserv but not the whole listserv (say, all emails about a certain topic), then you can put in keywords that are often used for that topic in the subject or body field.

Then click “Save.”

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to sort email in Yahoo mail! You can also use this same method to sort other emails into easy to keep track of or ignorable folders.

Want to sort email in Google Inbox instead? Go here.

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