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Email Delivery Error Message

Oops, your email came from a machine that is not authorized to send your email, according to SPF.

SPF is set up in the Domain Name System (DNS) by your ISP or web hosting company.

Our machine checked the status of your DNS SPF records at the time of attempted delivery, and your machine’s IP address was not listed.

So we rejected your message.

You will need to contact your ISP or web hosting company to have them fix the DNS./p>

Or you will need to send your email from an already authorized machine.

If you think we made a mistake, and want to report a problem with our system, please go to our contact page.

If you want to report the problem via snail mail, please address it to

System Administrator
Internet Tools, Inc.
1302 Waugh Drive, #438
Houston, Texas 77019

Thank you.