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It’s one of our best membership benefits to be able to join this Listserv.

As clinical nutrition managers, we are tuned into e-mail. It’s one of the major ways that we communicate within our organization, and also outside our organization. Everybody has their e-mail up all the time. Most of us are using it for day-to-day problems that arise.

It’s one of our best membership benefits to be able to join this Listserve and have all of these people when you have a question about your day-to-day practice or there are some regulatory agencies that frequent hospitals and this way you can share what was discovered at your institution what they considered to be of a problem and what type of answers did you come up with.

I don’t have to spend a lot of time administering it. It’s pretty simple and has been problem free. I mean I haven’t had to do a whole lot, it just takes care of itself. And when the problem has been at one of the hospitals, will actually talk with their IT department and work it out.

Deb Hustler

Clinical Nutrition Management Dietetic Practice Group

The interface is SUPER simple with so much power behind it!

I really had no experience with managing a list, so I needed to have a real simple approach and support. The interface that the managers and the subscribers use is dirt simple, but behind it there is all the power you need. That is sort of the ideal in technology. It’s the power that you need. And then, of course, is always being available immediately for support.

They will tell me things that I am not aware of and say “Hey, this is going on with the list. It looks like your users are moving in this direction” or “We are adding this new capability to the list. Are you interested in it, would you like to try it out?“. With them sort of watching and seeing how it is working behind the scenes, it allows for the list to grow just as it would on its own. It’s real sort of organic the way that it happens. They sort of watch that from behind the scenes, and they keep nudging and improving the technology to meet the needs that we may not even know we have.

Very infrequently, I do have to step in and sort of be the diplomat. When people have questions about the list, I pretty much always tell them that it’s a self-governing list. There are some policies, very broad policies that NACNS has put together over the years. It really does have a sense of community of practice. It is very remarkable that way.

Dr. Lisa Hopp

National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists

Our mailing list is truly a lifeline.

Our group is made up of patients with a skin disease so rare we often have to doctor ourselves with the information shared online. Our mailing list is truly a lifeline. Because it was so important to us, I made extensive comparisons, but one does not know about service until the ‘honeymoon’ period is over. Well, it has been over 20 years since we started, and I could not be more pleased.

Mark guided us through the set-up quickly and painlessly. He’s quick to help during the occasional snafu. I can therefore heartily endorse

Sal Capo

International Pemphigus & Pemphigoid Foundation offers a wonderful service.

I admit I was intimidated with the thought of moderating an online discussion group, as I am sorely lacking in computer skills. has been beyond reproach. Set-up was a breeze, maintenance is almost non-existent, and our group has thrived!

The few times I have needed technical assistance (the fault of a “free mail service”) they have immediately come to my rescue, and seen the problem through to resolution. Your backup cannot be beat! Having been a visitor to many other online discussion groups, I believe our format to be far superior. I love the continuity – without EVER a pop-up or advertisement. The annual fee for our mail list is such a fair one, I cannot understand why other groups tolerate the irritations associated with “free” services!

The Excess Iron Discussion Group now has more than 200 members representing 7 nations around the world. The Internet offers us such empowerment – our discussion group has been an overwhelming success!

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity you afford to us, and for the wonderful job you do. You are very much appreciated. I would without reservation recommend to anyone!

Cheryl Mellan

Excess Iron

We get a lot of compliments on the list.

We get a lot of compliments on the list, it’s neatness and appearance. And people have fits when they don’t get it. It starts their day right. We try to always be sure that we get at least one message in each day.. otherwise we hear about it!

Pat Sanders


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