How to Group Your List Emails in Google Inbox

How to Group Your List Emails in Google Inbox

Does your inbox look like a garbage dump? Are your listserv emails devouring your important messages? Are your discussion list emails taking up a ton of space in your Google Inbox? Do you want to address them all at once instead of one at a time? Maybe you want to group your emails or send your listserv emails to the same folder. If you can say yes to any of these, you need help organizing your listserv emails.

In Google Inbox this is called “bundling.” Follow this handy guide to bundle your listserv emails together in Google Inbox.

First, in Google Inbox, go down to very bottom, left-hand corner under the “Unbundled” section. (You may need to scroll down a little.) Click “Create new…”


A little box like this should pop up:


Name your list bundle something catchy and click “Save.” You should see this screen:


Under “Automatically Add Messages,” click “Add.” On this screen:


Put your listserv’s email address. Then click “Save.“ You can add as many listservs as you like. Just click the “Add” button again.

You also if you want your listserv email to appear when they arrive or at just one time in the morning or evening, which can be convenient if you don’t want to be continually bothered by pings from your phone, or you get easily distracted by great discussions.


Unfortunately, this will not automatically bundle any of your past messages. If you want to include a past email in this bundle, you’ll need to bundle them one by one.


To send emails to a bundle, go to the right side of the email and click the three little dots. Then click on your listserv bundle.

And that’s the best way of organizing your listserv emails in Google Inbox. Need help? Leave a comment!