The Cat Sat on My Keyboard, and Other Excuses

The Cat Sat on My Keyboard, and Other Excuses

Want some reasons group mailing lists get reported as spam? Some ISP’s provide a Report As Spam button, for people to click when they see a piece of spam. Unfortunately, this button is usually right next to the Delete button, and sometimes people click the wrong button.

When we tell them that they have been removed from their mailing list, they sometimes write back to tell us what they were thinking.

Here’s some of the most interesting and humorous reasons group mailing lists get reported as spam.

  * The cat sat on my keyboard while I was out of the room.
  * This is the second time this has happened in a week. There’s something wrong with Yahoo.
  * OMG, I am so sorry that I did this. It’s obvious I cannot talk on the phone and try reading my e-mails when in a hurry. I will re-register now.
  * To Petwarmers. I deleated you by accident. I DOO want to continue to recieve your e-mails each week. They are a blessing in a crazy world. Thank you, God Bless.
  * I have NOTHING AGAINST “Boson’s cronicle”, even LOVING it! Somebody has attacked my public-access computer @ Peoria Public Library, Peoria, Az., such that the ONLY WAY…I CAN…ACCESS… ANY email…from MY yahoo email, is to first mark it as “spam”. Peoria Public Library states it is having “problems” with it relationship with, and THAT THAT(the problems) is WHY I cannot access ANY emails from my list. I do NOT notice OTHERS…having the degree of problems that I have. Please forgive this “ATTACK ON FREE SPEECH” supported(?) by Yahoo and Sunrise Mt. Library, IMO.
  * Am using a lobby hotel p.c.(Ft. Laurderdale, FL0 Please re-activate my account. Regret my mistake.
  * Please re-instate me for the daily message. It’s so important. Evidently, I hit the wrong button while reading the message.
  * No – I didn’t call heartwarmers Spam. Entourage placed it in the spam folder. I did however delete a couple. Trust aol to pay attention when they actually aren’t needed. I wish they would get some of the REAL spammers sending me garbage.
  * I’ve passed this on to a computer specialist friend! I hope he can solve it! Personnaly i’m a “virgin” in moderne technology, but on the oyher side I’m far better in the kitchen!!!
  * I did hit the spam button because I am overloaded with emails. I will resubscribe when I have the problem solved. Sorry.
  * this was a mistake my 3yr old did this when i walked away from my computer to answer the door
  * Thanks, I did make the mistake you suggested. Multitasking is not my strong suit, please keep the news coming I appreciate it.
  * Sorry, new laptop, very sensitive buttons. Please keep sending the recipes
  * I have to apologize. I realized what the mail was after I reported it. You have no idea how much junk mail I get. Sometimes the stuff I read gets caught up in the report process.
  * I’m sorry!! I accidentally hit the report spam button and there’s no way to cancel once the process begins!!!
  * My wife may have requested this email please disregard

For the complete list of reasons group mailing lists get reported as spam, you can go here.