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Plain text email, it’s 2016!

It may be 2016, but there is still no standard for HTML email, and none in sight either. Which means that fancy HTML messages sent from one ISP may not look the same at another ISP, because everybody has implemented their own subsets and variations of HTML. Your memory banks probably don’t have to go too far back to think of an ugly botched email you recently received.

Plain text email, that’s not professional!

Are you trying to communicate relevant information or just look good. Are you bringing solutions to your subscribers, or just sending out noise. If you don’t have anything to say, then by all means use the eye candy that HTML email provides.

Plain text email, I need to send pictures and visuals!

You can send graphics in HTML email, but more than 80% of your subscriber’s are blocking images. So you will need to convince them to click on the “Load Images” button before they see what you are sending.

You might want to put your visual information on your website, and then ask people to click the link in your plain text email. Links are always blue and click-able in plain text email.

And web browsers do follow HTML standards, so your web page looks good to everybody.

Plain text email, I need to send attachments!

Attachments work just fine with plain text email and mail-list®. In fact, we do attachments better than anybody else. Because we solve the biggest problem of attachments, which is getting them delivered to the Inbox.

Attachments are a primary cause of emails being blocked. The ISP’s are concerned about viruses, trojan horses, phishing attacks, and other malware. And rightfully so. So if you send actual attachments in the email to a group of people, not everybody will receive the email.

So we keep that attachment on our server. And automatically insert a click-able link at the top of your email. When your subscribers get the email, they just click to download the attachment to their computer.

Plain text email, I need to track my open rate!

HTML email can record when your email is opened, by using invisible graphics. However, if the images are never loaded, then the tracking bugs do not work. See previous point about images being blocked at more than 80% of your subscribers.

A more reliable way of knowing how many people are actually reading your messages, is to send people to a unique page on your web site. Then use the web server logs to see how many hits you got.

Plain text email, who wants that type of email?

All your friends and family want to hear your news without big bold fonts, words highlighted in red, animated logos, and pop up windows. Maybe your clients and prospects are also very busy people, and would just like to get your news in a quick and easy to read format.

And lots of people don’t want to be tracked by the HTML tracking bugs, nor do they want the viruses and trojan horses that HTML email can introduce. Plain text email has never been infected with computer malware, and never will.