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Speedy Email Inbox Delivery Guarantee

All of your email messages, safely delivered,
into every last inbox, within 10 minutes,
or your money back.

mark david mcCreary

Founder of mail-list®

It’s simple, but it’s not easy to do

You might have assumed that all of your emails were being delivered into the inbox by the other Email Service Providers. I mean, that is what you are paying them for.

However, the industry wide average is less than an 80% Inbox Placement Rate, as measured by an independent source, Return Path.

Our entire focus is on delivering the email into your subscriber’s inbox. That’s why we monitor the Inbox Placement Rate with our own system. That’s why our Bounce Re-Delivery System sends a second message when ISP’s mistakenly flag your email as spam. That’s why you can see the delivery logs of all of your messages yourself, at any time. That’s why we have a short term web archive of all of your messages. Because nothing happens if your email was not seen. And we are the only company willing to make this strong guarantee.

We are very selective on who we accept as Enterprise Group clients

While we are guaranteeing the speedy delivery of our client’s email, we are not accepting just anybody as a client. So if you have any doubts if you will qualify, let’s chat by telephone or email first. Either call +1 713 520 4500 during business hours, or use the Contact Us page.

Claim your refund

If one of your emails was not delivered quickly into the inbox of your subscriber, please claim your refund, by filling in the following form and press the Submit button. One month’s payment will be returned to you, within 5 business days.

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Hello, my list name is and we had a failed message on my subject line of the message is and my subscribers email address is . Please send one month’s payment ASAP.
Thank you.