What Does Listserv Management Software Do for You?

What Does Listserv Management Software Do for You?

So a group mailing list is basically just a bunch of people who email each other with the reply all button, right? Sure, that might work. It’s a bit haphazard and lots of messages might get lost in the shuffle. But it’s free and handy and how else would your aunt send you those giant lists of cute cat photos? (She really should be writing for Buzzfeed.) But maybe to cut down on the headaches you should consider what listserv management do for you.

So What’s the Point of Listserv Management Software?

Keeps you from turning into spam.

Sending stuff via reply all is going to get you on a spam list pretty quickly. (What is spam?) Good listserv management will have servers that aren’t tagged as spammers. And some will have other techniques that will keep you off spam lists.

Gives you an easy interface.

A list manager gives you a handy interface that lets you manage members and your members manage their accounts, even the less tech savvy of them.

Let’s you include big attachments.

A manager that knows it’s stuff will have a system that lets you include large attachments, bypassing most email provider’s attachment size limits. And keeping down the clutter in your members’ inboxes.

Let’s you archive your list.

Some listserve mangers let you make an optional searchable archive of your list so your members to look back at all their typos and dredge up old arguments, plus find great, old information they might have lost.

Add members with no fuss.

A mailing list manager gives you a handy list of your members and lets you add and take them off at will. As well as keep track of who’s active and who’s not. Which lets you manage and grow your listserv intelligently.

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