Why I Don't Like HTML Email

Why I Don't Like HTML Email

I think HTML email has issues. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned but hear me out on these HTML email problems

HTML Email Problems

  * I don't want to open up my email and see large red capital letters in some garish font.
  * I don't want to see pictures in my email. I don't like the large file sizes when the pictures are bundled in the email. And when the HTML email contains links to the picture, I don't like to wait while the graphics are loaded. If I want to see a picture, I will use my web browser, when I want to, and a plain text URL in your email will do just fine.
  * I don't want people tracking whether I have opened up their email or not.
  * I don't want advertising companies to grab my email address should I visit a site mentioned in the email.
  * I don't want a virus to destroy my computer, or read my personal data files.

HTML email can allow all of the above to happen, while plain text email does not allow any of the above situations to occur.

More HTML Email Problems

Sending out HTML email to mailing lists causes additional problems. For starters, not all email readers can read HTML email. And even if their email reader can read HTML email, since there is no standard for HTML email, your HTML message may not look the same on their computer as it does on yours.

In addition, many of your subscribers are at ISP’s that have various and always changing spam filtering policies. Some of the criteria that these ISP’s use is the size of the message (HTML email is two to ten times the size of the same message in plain text, even without any graphics), and whether or not a HTML message is being received. You will find these filters show another advantage of plain text messages.

And if having their ISP filter your email wasn’t bad enough, many people are now installing anti-spam software on their own computer. Creating one more hurdle for your message to overcome.

There are trade-offs between sending a visually stunning email and having your message delivered and read by your subscriber. In general, the more visual effects you add, the higher the probability that your email will be stopped short of your reader’s brain.

If you have valuable information that you want to communicate to people, plain text email is best. Want more reasons why plain text email is best? Click here.

All lists at mail-list.com are set up to deliver plain text messages, even when an HTML message is sent. Our system will automatically convert any HTML message to plain text before delivery.