Types of mailing lists

What is a “moderated” Mailing List?

“Moderated” means the List Owner (or List Moderator) must give their approval.


Approval might be needed to subscribe to a Mailing List. In our experience, Moderated typically means the List Owner approves all emails before being sent to the List.


Most Mailing Lists are run unmoderated after the first few weeks.

What's the difference between Announcement List & Discussion Group?

Both are Mailing Lists that send the same message to a group of people or Subscribers.

For Discussion Groups, all Subscribers can send messages to the Mailing List.

This usually generates comments, replies and general discussion. Discussion Group members share a common interest and are often special interest groups. (lawyers, nurses, dieticians, etc.)

An Announcement List is a one-way broadcast message.

Subscribers receive information but cannot reply. Only a few people have permission to send an email to the Mailing List.

At, we operate both types of Mailing Lists.

Types of Messages

What is a Digest Email?

A Digest Email is one email that includes a summary of ALL messages. You can choose to send the Digest daily or weekly.


If you have a busy Mailing List with a lot of interaction, some Subscribers may prefer the Digest.


It summarizes all the conversations by topic. It’s a quick and convenient way to catch up on what’s been happening.

What is Plain Text Email?

Plain text email refers to a message without any formatting information.


That means, no big bold red fonts, no pictures, and no graphics. HTML is required to send those.


Here at, that’s the format we prefer!


And here’s why:
~ It’s always safe and can never have a virus.
~ No incompatibilities with different email software.
~ Compact emails make for ideal reading on smart phones.
~ Gets past Spam Filters much better than HTML email.
~ Subscribers can easily control the font size in their own software.
~ It’s easy to compose and send quick messages.
~ Plain text emails cannot include tracking.


If your Subscribers send HTML email, our system converts it to plain text before sending to your Mailing List.


Prefer to send HTML emails?

That’s OK. We can handle that, too! We add your HTML message to a private web page, then send the web page link to your Subscribers.

Managing a Mailing List

Can Attachments be included?



Your email can include attachments like PDFs, Word docs, spreadsheets, graphics, etc. To use this option, your Mailing List must allow attachments.

Those attachments can also be sent as clickable links. Send your email as usual, and our software saves the attachment. A clickable link is added to the email for Subscribers to download it.


Clickable links are a great way to avoid Spam Filters! Those pesky filters often don’t like attachments. (too large, could include a virus, etc.) It also gives users control over whether or not they receive the file.

Can I get all messages ever sent to the mailing list?

Yes, you can!


By using our Premium Option > Searchable Web Archives, you can export all messages in the industry standard mbox format.


This file is in a simple text format. You can import into your email software or favorite word processor.

How do i put people on the mailing list?

We have LOTS of options!

     1. Use a webpage signup form.

     2. Add people directly to your Mailing List one or many at a time. (Confirmation process is optional.)

     3. Invite people via email to join your Mailing List. They click a hyperlink to be added automatically.


You choose whether or not they receive a Welcome Message from you.

How do I import existing archives?

Get them into Mbox format. We import for a one time fee of $100.00.

What if I have a known troublemaker in my group? has a special feature where your Mailing List can be unmoderated but certain people can be added to Moderate Mode.


Here’s how it works:
– Someone in Moderate Mode sends a message to your Mailing List.

– You see it first.

– If you approve, then it’s sent to everyone.

– If you reject it, then our software forwards your comments to the sender about why it was rejected.


Other options:
– If you ignore/don’t respond to their moderated message, it is never sent to the Mailing List.

– While you can’t edit their message, you CAN insert a comment before sending to everyone.



My group is a Non-Profit Organization. Do you have special pricing?

Contact us for details.

I have a large list with little traffic. Can I get a discount?

Contact us for special pricing.

I added new Subscribers. Do I need to pay for them now?



We invoice only once per year, so no additional charge.

Some Subscribers left the group. Can I get a refund?

We invoice once per year and do not give refunds.

My group sends a LOT of emails! Is there a bandwidth charge?



Our price per Subscriber includes bandwidth. 


So go ahead…..send as many emails as you wish! 

We have internal groups. Do sub-lists cost extra?



Our Subscriber pricing includes sublists.


Members of the sublist must be part of the main list, too.

Subscriber Self Management

Can people unsubscribe?

We are required by law to include an Unsubscribe hyperlink in every email.


     – After clicking the link, they are directed to a webpage to confirm being unsubscribed.

     – Once confirmed, they are removed from your Mailing List.


We also have an email address that people can use to unsubscribe, but most use the hyperlink described above.

How do my Subscribers change their email address?

You can require every Subscriber to contact you, but we find the Subscription Management option preferred by most customers.


Every email already has an Unsubscribe hyperlink, as required by law. You can change that item to include the option of Subscription Management.


This allows Subscribers to change their email address, go on or off Vacation Mode, and also switch between receiving every email or a summary Digest email.

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