Listserv Service Comparison:, LSoft, Yahoo & Google Groups

Features and Benefits at Leading Listservs

​Not sure which listserv service to choose from? Deciding whether to go with the free Google and Yahoo Groups or with something paid? Look no further. Here is a side-by-side comparison of our service plus three of the most popular listserv hosts. Don’t forget to move your mouse over features to get a detailed description. Google Groups Yahoo Groups Lsoft Listserv
Setup Charge 30 Day Free Trial Free Free $500
Annual Prices Start At $1.07 per member Free Free $250.00 per list
Typical List Annual Cost,
300 subscribers sending
5 messages a day
$321 Free Free $250 List Charge
+ $1,350 Bandwidth
Bandwidth Charge Free Free Free $0.0025 per message
Virus Protection
Allow Attachments
Easy To Get People On List
Use Any Email Address
In The Inbox In 15 Minutes
Optional Archival Of Messages
No Advertisements
No Tracking Of Subscribers
No Selling Subscriber Data
Support For Problems
Activity Report
ImportExport Archives
SMS/MMS Text Messages To Phone
Attachments As Clickable Links
Ignore Out Of Office Replies
Clean Up and Format Text
Monitor Inbox Delivery
Resend Messages Rejected as Spam
Eliminate Duplicate Emails on Reply All

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