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What is a Community of Practice?

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Communities of Practice have truly stood the test of time. In the Medieval era, they were known as Guilds, a fascinating historical fact.


These communities bring together individuals who share a common profession. The group fosters a supportive atmosphere where they freely exchange tips, best practices, and valuable resources. They also lend a helping hand to one another through questions and emotional support.


Interestingly, these communities highly value sustained and open-ended discussions about their professions. Their desire is to learn from others who share the same passion for their work.

Why Strong Leadership matters

One critical aspect people appreciate is the presence of a strong leader they can trust


They rely on that person to discern credible information from the vast sea of misinformation and scams pervasive on the Internet.

The benefits of connecting people

People in a common profession recognize the power of connection and networking. Being part of a diverse group allows them to tap into the collective knowledge of peers who have faced similar challenges, as opposed to solely relying on disconnected management or distant experts.

With the Internet’s overwhelming amount of information, the guidance provided by trusted individuals becomes incredibly valuable, steering these communities in the right direction and bolstering their professional growth.

why an email discussion group works well

We have 3 reasons why an Email Discussion Group is the perfect tool for any community of practice.

Let’s start with the abbreviations:



3. Mobile



We’re sure you’ve heard this one before…..
Keep It Simple, Stupid


Don’t overestimate people’s motivation. 



Push the message to your members’ Inbox.


Don’t wait for them to PULL it from a web forum. 



This one goes without saying…..
Make the message easy to read on small screens.


Don’t make people navigate, pinch & zoom, or scroll sideways. 

That’s why we like plain text email, so much! 


Keeping it simple to stay connected means more interaction in your group. More interaction contributes to the growth, learning, and effectiveness of the community’s members

An email discussion group may be just what
YOUR group is looking for.

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