Attachments Not Arriving: Solved with Clickable Attachments -

Have you ever sent an attachment to a friend, but your email never arrived? Happens all the time, because spam filters are over zealous with attachments. And rightfully so. Because viruses, trojan horses, and phishing attacks, are big problems, and usually come in attachments. So the ISP’s are over protective of their subscribers when attachments are involved. So you can imagine what happens when you try to send an attachment to your list. It’s the same problem times 100, or times 1,000. And that’s why you have problems with your attachments not arriving.

How You Can Solve Attachments Not Arriving with Clickable Attachments

Instead of attaching your file directly to your email, upload it to somewhere like GDrive or Dropbox. Then insert a share link to that file into your email. This may seem like an annoying extra step but it’ll save you problems later. Plus, this way you can include bigger attachments.

How solves this problem with Clickable Attachments

But this solution doesn’t really work for lists, where you’d have to constantly remind all your subscribers to only include attachments as links. That’s where’s list system comes in. You include the attachment(s) in your email, just like usual. And our system will save those files on our server, and put a clickable link in your email. So your email remains small, without any scary radioactive files that cause your subscriber’s ISP to panic. And you’ve fixed your problem with attachments not arriving, simply.

Your email will look like this.


If you need to get Microsoft Word documents, PDF’s, spreadsheets, photos, audio, video and other attachments safely into your subscriber’s hands, you need’s Clickable Attachments.

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