Our Privacy Policy

What we don't do does not sell, rent, barter, give, or use in any way, shape or form, email addresses that we maintain, to anyone, for any reason. does not collect nor store any personal data, like name, address, credit card information, etc. for list subscribers. We only keep each subscriber’s email address and which list they joined. All lists are independent. does not track whether a message we sent was opened, nor whether any links were clicked in the message. does not claim any copyrights on messages passing through our system.

List Owners

List Responsibility

Each mailing list is run by individuals or companies (the “list owners”).

List owners own their lists and can use the list in any way they decide.

All of our list owners are equally fanatical about guarding the privacy of list Subscribers.

List owners pay a fee to deliver email to list Subscribers.

List owners are responsible for the addresses on their list, and the contents of the messages they post to the list.

Payments & Email Links

How It Works does accept credit card payments from list owners but is not a credit card merchant. never sees the credit card number, expiration date, etc. This information is not stored on our computers.

If you are a Subscriber to a list run by, Unsubscribe directions are included at the bottom of each message. Click the Link to remove yourself from any list run by


Help Unsubscribing

Are you a Subscriber having trouble getting off a list?

Please print a copy of the email and send via U.S. Postal Service to:

     1302 Waugh Drive, #438
     Houston, TX 77019