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General Data Protection Regulation is operated by Internet Tools, Inc., a private company registered as a Type C corporation in the State of Texas with number 30114802330 whose registered office is at 1302 Waugh Dr. #438, Houston, TX 77019 USA. is a Data Processor, under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation, which provides data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. operates electronic mailing list for our paying clients, which are Data Controllers under GDPR. Both Data Processors and Data Controllers have obligations to European Union citizens with regards to control of their personal data.

The personal data at consists of two things: the email address of a Subscriber, and any emails they have sent to the mailing list. does not collect nor store any personal data, like name, street address, gender, credit card information, etc. for list Subscribers.


Our clients provide the email addresses of their Subscribers for each mailing list. The database only holds email addresses. does not sell, rent, barter, give, or use in any way, shape or form, personal data that we store, to anyone, for any reason, with the exception of court orders and subpoenas from Texas or the United States of America. stores the email address of all Subscribers to our mailing lists, only for the purpose of delivering emails. Each email sent has an Unsubscribe Link, which allows the recipient to remove themselves from the mailing list at any time. has both the list of email addresses and the actual emails sent to a mailing list on archival/backup systems for a period of up to 30 days. provides an optional web archive feature of all emails sent to a mailing list. This option is enabled by our clients. Both clients and have the ability to delete any email stored on the optional web archive. will notify our clients within 72 hours of discovery, should any data loss, unlawful destruction, alteration or disclosure of personal data occur.


List Subscribers may request erasure of personal data via our Contact Us page. Please provide the name of the mailing list in addition to your email address.

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