California Consumer Privacy Act is operated by Internet Tools, Inc., a private company registered as a Type C corporation in the State of Texas with number 30114802330 whose registered office is at 1302 Waugh Dr. #438, Houston, TX 77019 USA. applies the California Consumer Privacy Act to anybody in the world, not just residents of California. has the email addresses of the Subscribers to mailing lists that we operate. We use those email addresses to deliver the email, for each Subscriber’s respective mailing list. We do not have any other data on the Subscriber. We do not know their name, gender, age, location or anything other than their email address.


We do not sell, rent, disclose or use the email addresses in any way, other than to deliver email posted to their mailing list.


There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email sent to the mailing list, and any Subscriber can click on that link to remove themselves from future mailings.

Some mailing lists have a web archive of past email messages sent. The list owner has the ability to delete any message in the web archive. 

If the list owner is not responsive to a request to delete posts of yours, please use the Contact Us form to notify us.

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