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Email Discussion Groups: The Original Social Media

A History

Mark David McCreary here. Greetings from Houston Texas, where I founded Mail-List.com in 1995, to support groups communicating via electronic mailing list. Back then only us techies were online, and spam had not even been invented yet!

Today, we have Facebook Groups, Linkedin Groups, Web Message Boards, Twitter, and many other tools to get your group connected. And I still believe an email discussion group is the best choice for most communities, because email is universal, easy to use, and puts the message into your inbox for immediate action.

Why Choose Mail-list.com

While many of the other mailing list choices are free, they all have hidden agendas designed to make them money at the expense of your group’s mission. At Mail-List.com, you’re paying for the support that allows you to run a hassle free online community with an absolute minimum of your time. We take responsibility for the success of your online group.

If you are migrating an online discussion group from another hosting service, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at all the features we have to make your job super easy. Most mailing list software was written 20 or 30 years ago, and has not changed since.

If you are starting a new online discussion group, you can have your list set up and be sending messages to each other in a matter of minutes.

Call Us

If you have questions, please call me at 713-520-4500. I know that every online discussion group is a bit different, and I’m happy to share my experience with you to see if a mailing list is the right tool for your group.

Mark David McCreary, Founder of Mail-List.com

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Whether you have a small group, like a board of directors, or you are the executive director of an association with thousands of members, I believe a private mailing list is the best way to keep your group engaged.

And I invite you to use our free 30 day trial to prove it to yourself, and your group.